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    CPU Upgrade Options for Toshiba A105-S2141 Laptop


      My current processor is a Celerom M 410 (Yonah) 533 MHz FSB.  I would like to upgrade to a dual core, preferably Core 2 Duo.  CPU-Z says my package is Socket 479 mPGA.  I'm almost 100% positive that this is Socket M.  My motherboard is unfortunately an ATI SB450 with an ATI RS400/RC400/RC410 chipset and an ATI SB400 southbridge.  It supports 800 MHz FSB and DDR2 SDRAM.  I started to look for a Socket M with a 800 MHz FSB.  I don't think one exists for a Socket M.  All I find are ones for Socket P, which are incompatible.  So, I think that the most I can upgrade to is a "dual-core" with a 667 MHz FSB.  If this is true, would any Socket M processor work (assuming that all of the other pieces are in place such as BIOS, max TDP and motherboard compatibility)?  Or would I have to stay within the Yonah family of processors?  I have only found Yonah and Meron processors.  How can I get a list of all Socket M processors?  Do I have to worry about the stepping value?  If so, please explain.  My current processor (from CPU-Z) is Family 6, Model E, Stepping 8, Ext. Family 6, Ext. Model E, and Revision C0.  I know there are several questions here and I want to thank those that reply in advance.

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          Have you checked with Toshiba*? The non-Intel chipset in your system may not support anything above a Celeron processor. Even if it does, you may need a BIOS update from Toshiba in order for your system to recognise the upgraded processor.


          If you want a list of Socket M processors, like the Celeron M 410, you can start by looking at this link: http://ark.intel.com/ProductCollection.aspx?codeName=2673


          I haven't found any Socket M processors in my research that support the 800 MHz FSB. The max seems to be 667 MHz FSB.


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            Update to my original post.  I installed both, a Yonah and a Meron dual core processor and they both work.  Specifically, I install the T2700 Core Duo and the T7600 Core 2 Duo.  The T2700 was a simple replacement.  When I installed the T7600, Windows had to do install an update.  Other than that, there were no other issues.  As for the memory, the 800 MHz memory would work for awhile, but failed randomly.  I had to use the 667 MHz memory for a stable environment.  I am still using the T7600 in my Toshiba today.