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    Low Memory Issue When Playing Fullscreen Games


      Okay so I have a GTX 740m and an Intel 4600 and whenever I play Fullscreen games set at a resolution different to the windows set resolution it says you have Low Memory on Windows 8.1 and can sometimes blue screen your PC, quit the game or give you the warning and alt tab you out of games. Either refer this to Windows/Microsoft or if it's a driver conflict creating a leak or something fix it. I don't remember this happened on Windows 8 or 7, but 8.1 has the issue it seems, I'm not sure.


      I alt-tab out of games and it's really annoying. The only current fix is to set your windows resolution to the same resolution as your games, or your games to your windows resolution.


      Thank you, and if anyone else is having this issue it'd be great to know.