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    current draw


      Are ther specifications for the boards current draw while running?

      current draw with the wifi card attached?


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          Hi jdolecki,


          The board draws a nominal 550ma while running.




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            I keep reading warnings that you will damage the Galileo board if you plug it into your computer usb slot without being attached to a power supply. Is that even close to bring true, and if so - why? It makes it significantly harder to reset the board by unplugging the supply if true. Looking forward to a 0.8.0 image that fixes the reset button.

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              Clayton Hofrock

              Most USB connectors supply 500mA. The nominal power consumption (I am assuming that is with no shields, and no pcie cards installed?) is 550mA, according to Intel_JEspinoza. So that looks like there is not enough power from most USB connectors, and when you add shields, it definitely is not enough power.


              Also, I can tell you from personal experience that yes, in fact it powering your Galileo board with only USB, will damage your Galileo board.


              In my case I had a motor controller shield connected, and I was frustrated so I decided to stop working on it. I pulled the AC plug, but forgot to pull the USB plug. The SPI image ended up getting corrupted, and the only way I could fix it was by flashing the SPI with a dediprog. Luckily I have access to those at work. Otherwise it would have been an expensive tool that I would have had to buy. Plus I had to build the firmware, since there is no .bin format of the firmware anywhere available for download. 


              Another person was experimenting with using a battery to power the Galileo board. He left the battery plugged in over night, and his SPI also ended up being corrupted. 

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                Thanks for that reply!


                This should really be addressed in the next board revision. It is acceptable for an embedded processor

                to power down if adequate power is not available. It is not acceptable to self-destruct.

                There are endless scenarios where board power is removed prior to USB connection.

                Using a switched outlet strip as a workbench source is one.