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    530 SSD freezes & kills computer after a few minutes?


      I have an Asus Q501LA notebook.  It is running Windows 8 (not 8.1) 64bit, with all drivers and firmware current.  I have installed an Intel 530 180gb SSD.  I had problems with it a few weeks ago, where the computer would randomly freeze and die after maybe 5-10 minutes. Since I saw that there was a new firmware in the works, I took out the drive and waited.


      Well, I just applied the new firmware that was released a few days ago, but it is still doing the same thing.  Without warning or indication, the computer freezes up and dies.  I get a BSOD, and it says CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED (it very briefly blinks on screen, I think that is what it says though).  The notebook then reboots, and usually the ssd isn't listed in the bios.  It has to be the SSD at fault, because it works fine with the original hard drive.  Windows' Event Log isn't giving me any hints at all, which leads me to believe that it is the SSD that is spontaneously dying, thus preventing Windows from writing any events to the log. All the SMART parameters are normal.  This doesn't seem to be the same problem that others are experiencing, because I did get Windows installed on it. Can anyone recommend something so that I can diagnose the problem?


      Edit: Talked to Asus tech support, and they said it was an incompatibility between the SSD and the notebook because the SSD operates at 6gb/s while the notebook can only handle 3gb/s.  I don't believe this at all, backwards compatibility is built into the SATA specs.  <SMH>