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    UPS for SS4200-E




      I am looking for an UPS device for SS4200-E. Looking at ss4200e_thol_14.pdf suggested that recommended UPS'es were not tested as smart UPS.

      Has anyone tested any of the APC UPS devices working as a smart UPS? Does the latest firmware support it?

      Thanks in advance.


      Regards, Vaidas

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          Javed Lodhi

          Hi Vaidas,

          I have installed and used SS4000-E, and SS4200-E (with latest fw) with many models of APC Smart UPSs at various locations, and it works without any problems provided the UPS is providing the desired current to the NAS as per the recommended power ratings of course.

          When you say Smart UPS, I am trying to figure out what exactly you mean because APC's Smart UPS means "high real power output (watts), generous runtime, sine wave output, 16-segment LED visual display, and intelligent battery management" and of course they have a wide range of Smart UPS models depending on the I/O power ratings. Here's a list for you to see: http://www.apc.com/products/family/index.cfm?id=165

          From what I have been able to comprehend is that basically you are concerned over which UPS to install with your SS4200-E (with updated fw) while THOL is confusing you with this note: The APC UPS was not tested as a smart UPS due to incompatibility with NAS Stack software.

          If that's the case, kindly state your exact scenario so that we are better able to make recommendations and address your concerns.

          Hope this helps, we shall await your response on this.

          Thank you, have a great day!


          Warm Regards,

          Javed Lodhi

          Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!

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            Dear Javed Lodhi,


            Thank you very much for the repply.

            I have already bought APC Back UPS 650 and it works like a charm.


            My actual question was to figure out whether SS4200-e is capable of supporting USB connection from APC UPS devices in order to get info about the state of UPS device (being "smart"). With the UPS mentioned above I can confirm that SS4200-e (with the latest firmware) recognizes the UPS device and is capable to, as far as I can see, turn itself off nicely* if power is lost.


            * by nicely I mean not just cut off power in case of power loss, but initiate normal shutdown procedure feeding from UPS device




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              Javed Lodhi

              Dear Vaidas,

              Glad to know that you have got yourself a UPS and you are satisfied with it's working

              Speaking of monitoring and intelligence built in the APC Smart UPS, from what has been brought in our attention now wasn't listed earlier, and so I were not able to comprehend it exclusively, thank you for bringing it up and even updating our users with your experience which is of great value to all of us.

              APC 650's software when configured ensures that files are saved and the Operating System is properly shutdown in the event of a sustained power outage preventing connected devices from losing data in case of emergency.

              Thank you again for your valuable input and using Intel, we value you; have a great day!


              Warm Regards,

              Javed Lodhi

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                how you connect ups to intel ss4200 ?

                usb or com port ? if com can you tell me what standard ? http://ss4200.pbworks.com/Console-Access-via-RS232 idc-10 ?

                do ss4200 have some settings in www interface ? where ?

                what ups the best?