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    D54250WYK/ Memory issues




      I have D54250WYK for a few weeks. Since the beginning, I am facing random crashes using VMWare ESXI.

      At the beginning, I was suspecting a driver problem but now I know that it is related to the RAM I chose:

      I couldn't find the RAM advised by INTEL, so I picked up what I thought was reliable ones, the Kingston HyperX PnP (16GB kit - KHX16LS9P1K2/16 ).


      Unfortunately,even though they are matching the requirements, when the two banks of the NUC are populated, random crashes appear.

      The strange part, is that, if I only fill one bank is filled, the crashes disappear and the system run stable for hours.

      I have already ran memtestx86 with both of them, an all tests passed. Unfortunately, the system becomes unstable when both are installed.

      I have already tried changing all memory related settings in the BIOS, I could think off but the problem remains.

      Right now, I am  wondering what to do. Do I wait for a BIOS update and use only one bank in the meantime, or Do I try to sell them and by two other ones?



      Thank you for your help and merry Christmas!