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    Triple display gaming with Intel HD Graphics 4600


      Background Info:

      On a laptop with the following:

      Intel HD Graphics 4600 (newest driver,

      NVIDIA GTX 780M

      Display Resolution: 5900x1080 (with bezel correction)

      Outputs: HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort


      As the display ports are not connected to my dedicated graphics card directly, I am unable to use the NVIDIA Surround for triple display gaming. However, Intel's collage mode in the graphics options work just as well for most games. I am having problems running a few games in triple display.


      Games like Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012), Strike Suit Zero wont work as intended at all.

      Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012) does not allow me to set higher than 1920x1080 in game. When modifying the config files manually, I was able to get it to output 5900x1080. However, in game, the resolution 5900x1080 is cloned onto the three monitors. (i.e. 3 of the same image, not 1 consistent ultra widescreen gaming experience)


      Games like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 cause less problems, but still are not perfect. The in game settings doesnt allow me to select resolution above 1920x1080. I have to resort to editing config files outside of the game myself to get it to work across triple display. However, they both run as intended after the manual fix.


      The other games I have tried works flawlessly, just like how it is meant when played on a NVIDIA Surround or AMD Eyefinity. Examples of games in this category are Borderlands 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Crysis 3, Dirt 3, Metro Last Light.


      Any way that I can solve this issue? Is it something that can only be solved by the individual game developers?