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    Display driver stopped working and has recovered successfully. New processor i3-4330, HD graphics 4600..


      Dear Intel Community,


      I have installed my new processor to my new built computer a few days ago and I keep getting this message after some seconds when I use video or 3D applications. Even in youtube.

      Display driver stopped working and has recovered successfully!.


      I have searched every post that is on the web and nothing happened.

      Reinstalled drivers, changed the dedicated memory of the hd graphics from bios and still nothing.


      I bought the new processor from a very big market in Munich Germany and brought it to Greece since I came back for holidays.


      What do you recommend me to do?

      Is this a hardware problem or something else on the software?

      Should I contact intel for a replacement since it's still on the warranty ?


      It's a brand new processor and it will be too bad if it had a defect. Intel is supposed to be the best semiconductors company and these things are definitely tested.


      Thank you in advance.


      Best regards,