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    DC32171YE problem no connector for internal power




      I bought one of these and it is intended for my robot project.  I finally got around to doing some work on the computer side (NUC) and am frustrated to see that my mainboard shows only two holes where, according to all the documentation, a 2-pin jack/connector should be.  Until now I relied on the documentation that showed it was there (and still shows it, I downloaded the technical documentation to make sure I had it right)


      Why does my Intel NUC not have that connector?



      It looks like the pins are blocked from the back.  I thought I would post here before attempting to remove the motherboard from the case



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          Hi Paul,


          it looks like the place where the internal power connector should normally be isn't populated. During the manufacturing process those "holes / pins" in the PCB usually get soldered shut when there's no component there - that's why those "holes / pins" look blocked

          As you bought a NUC kit with a case it could be possible that those are intentionally left unpopulated.


          What kind of powersupply do you want to use for your robot project? Maybe you could get a cheap 3rd-party powersupply and salvage the plug&cord of that to connect to the external power jack of your NUC.