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    New D54250WYK HDMI display dropping out


      Hi All,


      I've had my NUC for a few days and planned to use it as an XBMC media center. I got everything working perfectly, and then noticed a show stopping issue. If I change channel on my TV, then change back again, my TV shows 'no signal' from the HDMI port.

      I have replicated this in Ubuntu, Ubuntu server running XBMC (including restarting XBMC through SSH), OpenELEC, Mint, and even just going into the BIOS and changing channel away.


      My TV is a fairly old (around 5 years) Samsung LCD with a res of 1366x768.


      I tested my setup on another Samsung TV (a newer 1920x1080 one) and it works perfectly. I've been through the menus on the TV, tried disabling CEC etc.. but can't find any way of making it work at all (the fact that it happens in the BIOS has stopped me looking for any software fixes at the OS level). It's as if my TV sends a signal to the NUC when the display isn't active and it switches the port off. SSH still works at all times, even when the TV has no signal. The only way to get the signal back is to power down and back on again (although occasionally a reboot through SSH will work).


      I can understand that this looks like a TV issue, but I can't figure out what could be the problem. I have had plenty of other media centers (all running linux) working through HDMI without issue. My most recent stable setup is a Pi running raspbmc which has never had this problem.


      Other than this, I'm incredibly impressed with the performance of the NUC, but it really needs to be a wife/child friendly setup


      If anyone has any possible ideas then I'd love to hear them!

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          Bit of an update... if I switch to another channel then back to the NUC, I get the 'no signal' problem. I've found that I can get it working without a reboot by changing to the NUC channel, then switching the TV to standby and back on again.


          Not sure if that helps, but if anyone else has the same issue it's worth testing.