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    iSSDFUT 2.0.9 Not Working?


      I just installed a 530 SSD in my mid-2009 MBP.  It seems to be working fine.  I figured I should update the firmware, but I am unable to get the Intel® SATA Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool version 2.0.9 to work.  I burned the ISO using both a Mac and a Win7 machine.  In both cases it appears to burn correctly, but when I boot from either disc, I get a "no bootable device" message.


      After searching the forums a bit, I tried unpacking issdfut_2.0.9.iso to check for iSSDFUT.exe, but it is not present in the ISO.  Here's the contents of the ISO.  I have downloaded it and unpacked it on two separate Macs and a Win7 PC and I see the same thing.  I downloaded the ISO from Download Center





      isolinux (directory)




      licenses (directory with tons of folders with license files in them)


      Is the contents of the ISO correct?  Is there something else I am supposed to be doing to update the firmware for my Intel 530 SSD in my mid-2009 MBP?  Thanks!

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