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    Intel Matrix Storage Console Shows "Error Occurred" on 1 of 2 drives (RAID 0)




      I started receiving the following error message on my Alienware Aurora running Windows 7 (64 bit) toolbox in the bottom right hand corner:




      When I opened Intel Matrix Storage Console (v8.9.0.1023), I was greeted with one of my two hard drives in my RAID 0 configuration displaying a Status of "Error Occurred."  Attached is a .pdf displaying the "System Information" details from Intel Matrix Storage Console.


      Intel Matrix.png


      I've done a lot of Google searching and cannot come up with how to solve this problem.  I suspect that it might be a hard drive actively failing as I've been experiencing some random "blue screens of death" that I've never seen on this computer.


      Here is my RAID controller:



      My hard drives are Seagate Barracuda model ST37052538AS.


      I would appreciate any guidance on how to resolve this issue as the computer is still working.  I've already backed up the important data.


      If I need to replace the hard drive, can I introduce a third hard drive into the RAID0 Array and then remove the bad drive located on Port 0?  If this is the way to proceed, I would appreciate some guidance as the Intel Matrix Storage Console help guide is useless.


      Thank you very much for the help!  I truly appreciate it!


      James E

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          Jaesposito, since you have a RAID 0 on your system, this array do not offer redundancy, that means that if you make changes on the drive configuration will loss data.

          I would recommend you to back up all the information, replace the hard drive that is causing the error and then rebuilt the RAID once you are on Windows.


          The following link contains the User’s manual  http://download.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/8_x_raid_ahci_users_manual.pdf

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            Thank you.  I'm up and running with four drives on a RAID10 configuration thanks to your help!


            With this in mind, I have three questions:


            1.)  I updated my Intel Matrix Storage Manager software from version to the latest version - v.  It is functioning properly.  However upon startup, I noticed that the Option ROM is still running the old version  My experience and logic tells me that the Option ROM should be upgraded to match the software.  Do I need to do this and if so, can you provide guidance?


            2.)  In running the software, I noticed that three of my four Seagate hard drives are running an older version of their Firmware.  One of the drives is running a newer - but not the newest version - of firmware.  Since these four drives are now part of a RAID10 array, should I worry about updating their firmware?  If I attempt to do so, is there any risk that I could mess up the ARRAY and get stuck rebuilding from scratch again?


            3.)  Lastly, I noticed that my PC is running sluggish with this RAID10 configuration and that I sometimes see the spinning circle (aka hourglass) that the drives are doing something when running some data intensive activities.  I did enable "Disk data cache," but am still seeing the same performance issue.  Any thoughts on what this might be and how I can diagnose it?


            Thanks again for the help!