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    DZ68BC dead after 0035 BIOS Upgrade


      I am getting ready to upgrade my DZ68BC motherboard from an i5-2500K to an i7-3770. I read all the relative information and went to bring my bios up to the latest revision. Initially I had a problem where the express bios would not upgrade from 0021 to 0027. I switched to the thumb drive method and was able to move to 0027. After checking the system I used the express bios upgrade to move to 0035. This worked withou any issues.


      After upgrading to 0035 I check the bios status and generally looked around windows - all seemed well. I put the system through one shut down and it powered back quickly - everything still ok. The then put the computer into sleep mode. When I went to wake it back up, it powered on and off (sort of surging) four times, then the board beeped (4 or 5 times) and it stopped. Now it is dead. No power, no LEDs. Nothing.


      What is going on here and how do I recover?