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    Cannot install Galileo driver for Windows/8.1/64 bit


      Cannot install Galileo driver for Windows/8.1/64 bit
      Ref. doc - Galileo_GettingStarted_329685_004.pdf
      Intel Galileo board / blue


      Issue #1 - Plugging in the Galileo micro USB cable for the first time, the device manager does not
      show under Ports (COM & LPT) Gadget Serial V2.4?
      There are no "Ports (COM & LPT)" ? and  under Universal Serial Bus Conntrollers, the Galileo is shown as "Unknown USB Device(Device Decriptor Device Failed)" Right clicking and installing the driver does nothing?


      Issue #2 - Missing usbser.sys file in windows/system32/drivers in windows 8.1 (upgrade)
      (usbser.sys USB modem drive August 22-2013, file version 6.3.9600.16384)
      Moved this "archive file" per instructions to windows/system32/drivers


      Issue #3 - File archive reference for 8.1 is different/wrong?
      The Galileo instructions to find the following archive file: C:\Windows\System3\DriverStore\FileRepository\mdmcpq.inf_amd64_d9e0b9c4fe044b4d\usbser.sys (archive file)
      Under 8.1, the closest file for usbser.sys is from archive folder "mdmcpq.inf_amd64_dae08984c2c12d19"