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    Screen Resolution a bit off........


      got my i5-haswell nuc a week ago.....its got the updated graphics drivers, its running windows 7.


      im using it as an HTPC, with XBMC.  everything works great.  a few XBMC issues, but its up and running.




      the resolution is a bit off.  its set at 1920x1080 which is my native resolution on my 52" Toshiba DLP.  but as you can see in the pic.....something is up.  its like its too big, i cant access my start bar unless i actually hit the wondows key, and even then the lower start bar is lower than the screen, and my start colum is to the left of the screen slightly..........


      can someone help with my settings?



      thank you

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          Hi Bryman31,


          I had the same problem when I got my first NUC.  It turned out to be the aspect setting on my tv.  Most tvs are set to 'auto' by default.  You want to set the aspect to 'dot-to-dot' for PC use.  Otherwise you'll get the cut-off like in the picture. You should have a button on your remote to switch between different aspect settings.


          I hope this helps.


          Jason Hoffman (Intel employee and NUC owner)

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            do you mean the option to set it to theater wide, full screen, etc?? 

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              Yes that's the one.  It will be different depending on your tv.  Mine has settings for dot-to-dot, auto, wide, standard, and a couple of zooms.

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                I had a similar problem, running Windows 8.1 Pro on my D54250WYK. The over scan cut off the edges of the screen on the Windows desktop.


                I was running the NUC through an Onkyo NR-808 receiver to my Samsung PN59D7000 plasma. The Intel Graphics software offered an option to resize the screen, but if new settings were applied, the screen would not adjust. I took the HDMI cable from the NUC and ran it directly to the Samsung. The resizing worked. I switched back to the Onkyo: same original problem, no matter whether I set the Onkyo to 4:3, "Full" or "Auto".


                I then found a picture adjustment on the Samsung called "screen fit". Using that, the picture is scaled perfectly running though the Onkyo.


                Hope this helps Samsung and Onkyo owners using the D54250WYK, or other NUC's.

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