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    Installation instruction discrepancy, which antenna wire color goes on which wireless card connector?


      So I got an Intel NUC DCC847DYE for my mother for Christmas. Everything is now up and running, but I wanted to get some second opinions about the correct antenna hookup for the Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 miniPCIe card and the NUC's black and gray antennas.

      The installation poster included with the NUC indicates in step 3-D that the black wire should be connected to the connector closest to the edge of the chassis and the gray wire to the connector towards the center of the NUC (the installation poster uses a simple isometric drawing of a generic WIFI card without any markings or connector identification). When installing the officially recommended Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 adapter (or the Advanced-N 6235 among others), this would mean that the gray wire is connected to AUX and the black wire to MAIN.

      However, a few Google searches indicated that in laptop use, black generally goes on the AUX connector.

      From looking at pictures from respected hardware review sites that have assembled and tested NUCs, around 2/3 (examples: PCPer, Heise) used the black-AUX and gray-MAIN hookup and the other 1/3 (example: Techreport) used gray-AUX and black-MAIN.

      I therefore opted for the 2/3 majority and connected the black antenna wire to AUX (opposite what is shown on the installation poster). Everything seems to work fine that way, although I realize that a wireless cards would generally be able to connect to a network even with a grossly misconfigured antenna setup if the access point is close. So what I am asking is: What is the definitive correct black/gray antenna hookup for optimal signal strength using the Intel 7260 or 6235 wireless adapter in a first generation NUC?