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    Screen sides are cut-off?


      I recently right clicked on the desktop and went under Graphics Properties>Monitor / TV Settings>Display. After clicking on display, a drop-down list appeared and I clicked on an option on the list "Digital Television HF229". After this took affect, the sides of the screen became cut-off and when trying to change it back, the original option on the list disappeared, and only the Digital TV one remained.  After messing around for awhile, and still in the Intel Graphics Control Panel, I played with the Horizontal and Vertical Scales. I reduced them to 85 and it fit to the screen again. But only this time, everything is very fuzzy and in a low resolution. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


      Adapter Chip: Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

      Adapter String: Intell(R) GMA X4500


      I am running on a Gateway (Windows 7) desktop with Intel 4500 Graphics.