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    Intel 530 SSD Host Writes at 1.99TB after 27 hours !


      Hi All

      I installed a new 120 Gb Intel 530 SSD a few days ago and loaded up Windows 8.1, MS Office, Photoshop elements and few other programs. Data is on a separate HDD.  I installed the Intel Tolbox (Version 3.2.0) today and was surprised at the readings for:-


      E1 Host Writes = 1.99TB

      F1 Total LBAs Written = 1.99TB

      F2 Total LBAs Read = 1.83TB


      09 Power On Hours Count = 27


      Screen shots attached.


      I've looked at the forum and can see that previous versions of the Toolbox gave erroneous readings but it seems this was fixed in later versions. I'm I missing something or should I be worried? 

      Thanks Del

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          I have a 240GB Intel 530 with Windows 8.1, used lightly, and have used it since early November.


          Using Toolbox 3.2.0, E1 and F1 are 126.19GB. I save download files to a different drive, so that makes some difference. Your Host Writes seem rather high, but you should analyze the SSD's environment first.


          What type of PC is the 530 used in? Are you streaming videos, etc, to that PC? What type of downloading do you do?


          Are you saving system backups to that SSD automatically, or creating Windows Restore points frequently?


          How much free space is on that SSD?


          It could be an erroneous reading, but strange it would be isolated to the 120GB models. Have you applied the firmware update to your 530? It should be shown as DC32 on the main display of the Toolbox. This firmware has a fix for a semi-related SMART attribute, but it might affect the E1 value you have now.


          The two wear indicators, E2 and E9 have not changed and are the same as mine, that is a good sign.

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            HI parsec - thanks for taking the time to reply. Your readings are pretty much what I would have expected after a few weeks. As it stands my E1 value is multiples beyond yours after a few days.


            The PC was bought a few days ago from a reputable supplier and has been barely used other than to install the software. The hardware / software spec is as follows:


            Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-4770

            ASUS® Z87-A: ATX MOTHERBOARD

            16GB KINGSTON DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz

            1GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 640

            120GB INTEL® 530 SERIES SSD, SATA 6 Gb/s

            2TB WD CAVIAR BLACK WD2002FAEX



            Software on SSD:

            Windows 8.1 64 Bit

            MS Office 2010

            Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

            Serif PagePlus x7

            Thunderbird (+ 8Gb of emails)


            The PC will not be used for gaming or videos but will be used for intensive office multi-tasking and occasional photo editing in the future (but hasn't been so far).  All downloads and data (other than the Thunderbird email profile) will be stored on one of the hard drives.   The SSD firmware was updated before I looked at these results on Toolbox (Version 3.2.0). The SSD has 57Gb of free space. As you say the wear indicators are OK so probably incorrect readings.


            PS Just checked the Host Write count on an unrelated piece of software (Open Hardware Monitor) and it shows 2040.7GB

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              Delboy, please check your private messages.