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    "No signal" after Win8 Logo with HD4000


      I had this problem the first time after installing the new system.. than (I'm not sure why) it's working for half a year... and yesterday I had the same problem again without changing something in the system.

      After the Win8 logo, DVI connection seems to be lost "no signal" on the monitor. I can restart like hell, roll-back to a earlier system... shutdown the computer... same effect.

      I disconnected DVI and power cable... reconnect.... reboot... works


      For me it looks a bit like a problem with the power supply... But after reading some comments with this "black screen" and similar stuff I'm not sure anymore. And so my question: is there a chance that this has something todo with the power supply or is this a known but rarely problem with the HD4000 drivers?

      I have no problem to buy a extra GPU or a new power supply but I will not buy some not needed stuff if it's only a driver problem.