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    S5000VSA Raid 10 config lost...


      I have a problem with S5000VSA board, my system was ok and configured with four disks in raid 10 with Intel Embedded Server raid.

      After a shut down of the system, i get an error at post and i see that the raid console prompt only hard drives in sata port 2 and 3, nothing in sata port 0 and 1. I have simply disconnected and reconnected the two hard drives in sata port 0 - 1 and the raid console now show all of four hard disks.

      The problem is that all of these hard disks results as "non raid member" and the only option that i can do is to reinitialize a new raid system...

      How is it possible? The hard drives are ok, i'm sure.

      (i hope to resolve this problem without reinstalling a new system...)

      Thanks for Your kind attention, any advice will be appreciated