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    SE7501WV2 BMC firmware upgrade


      Hello everyone,


      I need to SE7501WV2 server BMC 1.24 version. I looked Intel Servers support web site but I couldn't find.


      Could anyone help me please for this issue ?


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Hi Berte,


          I have checked on the Website, here are the links.

          The System Update Package contains BIOS 5.0, BMC 0.19, FRUSDR 5.0.9, HSC 0.07 & 0.05) [WV_SUP_121302.EXE].

          Unfortunately, there was no BMC V1.24.


          Before updating the firmware, Instructions:



          Download Firmware Package




          If i find something with the firmware version 1.24, i will let you know.


          All the best,




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            Hello Rajiv,


            First of all thanks for your collaboration and attachment.

            I updated 1.19 to 1.23 and now look like as below;


            [root@server1] # /usr/sbin/showsel
            showsel: version 1.16
            -- BMC version 1.23, IPMI version 1.5
            Code 0 SEL Ver 81 Support 15, free space 65512
            showsel: starting ReadSEL ...
            0004 07/02/09 14:36:03 BMC  10 SEL Disabled 09 Log Cleared 6f [42 0f ff]


            but other server machine (I didn't update, my workmates did it from cdrom but now we can not find cdrom actually) look like as below


            [root@server2]#  /usr/sbin/showsel
            showsel: version 1.58
            -- BMC version 1.24, IPMI version 1.5
            SEL Ver 51 Support f, Size = 3650 records, Free space = 1869 records
            RecId Date/Time_______ Source_ Evt_Type SensNum Evt_detail - Trig [Evt_data]


            I'm still looking for Intel and other support websites but I haven't found yet. If anyone find that version (bmc 1.24) I'd really appreciate.


            Thanks & Regards,