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    Trouble with Bitstreaming Audio & Video Artifacts/Corruption with 3D Blu-Ray Movies


      Problem description

      • Bitstreaming HD audio to AVR will malfunction intermittently while transitioning between titles on a Blu-Ray disc and HD audio tracks can no longer be heard playing in any movie.
      • HDMI connection needs to be renegotiated by unplugging & replugging, power-cycling the AVR, or the NUC is rebooted or suspended->resumed
      • While playing 3D Blu-Ray movies video artifacts/corruption can be observed in random places on the screen
      • TotalMedia Theatre 6.5 is set to perform Automatic refresh rate switching under the Playback option



      • How many systems are affected? One system is impacted
      • What is the impact? Unable to watch Blu-ray movies consistently
      • Is it lines down? N/A
      • Is there a time limit for solution? ASAP


      NUC model: D54250WYK

      AA# or SA#:

      Serial number(s):

      BIOS version: WYLPT10H.86A.0022.2013.1121.1757

      Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000


      Monitor or TV make/model: Panasonic TC-P65ZT60

      Graphics driver version:

      Graphics port used (HDMI, DisplayPort): HDMI

      Graphics converter/adapter used? (Yes/No): No

      AV receiver used? Make/model: Denon AVR-4311CI



      LAN device used (wired, wireless): Wired

      LAN driver version: 18.7

      LAN connectivity description (switches, routers, etc.): Cisco Gigabit Switch


      Other hardware:

      • Memory (make/model/size/speed): Crucial Technology 16GB Kit 2X8GB PC3-12800 1600MHZ DDR3 204PIN SODIMM Unbuffered #CT2KIT102464BF160B
      • SSD (make/model/size): Crucial Technology 240GB M500 2.5" mSATA SSD 6Gb/s # CT240M500SSD3
      • USB devices: Logitech Keyboard/Trackpad K400
      • Thunderbolt devices: None
      • Infrared devices: Logitech Harmony One Remote
      • Audio devices: None
      • Other: None


      Software (for app problems):

      Application name and version:

      • Windows Media Center 7
      • My Movies 4.06
      • Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre



      If I disable Hardware Acceleration under the Video Settings of TotalMedia Theatre 6.5, the artifacts observed on the screen while watching 3D Blu-Rays such as Avatar or Coraline are no longer present. This looks like it may an issue with the Intel graphics drivers. I have tried multiple new HDMI to Mini HDMI cables as well as Mini HDMI to HDMI adapters with no effect.


      For reference I also have another HTPC running the same OS and set of software but it is an AsRock MiniPC Vision3D 137B with a NVIDIA GeForce GT425M. Hardware acceleration is enabled on this HTPC and there are no video artifacts/corruption observed during the playback of 3D Blu-Rays.


      In terms of the audio issues, Lois Hill (Intel) has already stated the following:


      I've gotten word from our graphics debug team - the issue occurs because of a change in the driver regarding LPSP (a low power mechanism). Fixing this will require a BIOS change to reset the audio controller whenever the driver sends an 'enable' call.  So, now the ball is back in the BIOS team's court. I'll be following up with them to see when they'll be able to roll in this fix.





      There are several recent posts on the XBMC forums under the Intel NUC (Haswell Late 2013 edition) thread that are helping to clue this issue towards an HDMI HD Audio handshaking/negotiation problem when switching modes. This would be inline with what Lois is reporting from the Intel engineering teams. From my troubleshooting sessions, this occurs less frequently if you disable the Automatic refresh rate switching under the Playback option of TotalMedia Theatre 6.5 but it still occurs. I want to add that I only encounter this problem as the Blu-ray is switching from title to title, i.e. from previews to warning screens to splash videos to the main title. This never occurs for me in the middle of a stream. If it works it works throughout the movie. If it fails, it fails immediately at the start of the movie title.


      The links below are the posts I referenced earlier:






      My workaround for the time being is to change the Mixing Mode to Mix to PCM uncompressed audio under the Audio Settings of TotalMediaTheatre 6.5.


      Hopefully this will help some of you and help pinpoint the issue for the Intel engineering teams.

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