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    Stock Or Aftermarket Heatsink For i7-4771




      I am waiting on my new i-7 4771 CPU to arrive at anytime, today! Can't wait to build my new rig around this excellent CPU. This will be my first build and I can't wait to be able to enjoy it. I am building this new rig for Battlefield 4 (LAN Parties) and will also be editing a large collection of outdoor videos that I've taken over the past few years.


      Since my gaming and editing sessions may last for several hours at a time, I am concerned about the stock heatsink not being adequate in keeping the CPU temps down. Several reviews online have mentioned this, however, some have also said that as long as there will be NO over-clocking, the stock heatsink will do just fine.I have no clue about this and am seeking advice from you guys here at Intel.


      Here are my questions.


      1. Do you find the stock heatsink acceptable or should I get an after-market cooler? If so, which one would you recommend?


      2. Is the stock heatsink fan loud?


      I really appreciate your time and look forward to your answers/advice.


      Thank you all very much!!

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          Codrut Popescu

          I had replaced the stock cooler on my i7-4771 with a Noctua NH-L12 and, after also tuning the BIOS of my Intel DQ87PG motherboard to cool more aggressively, it keeps the temperatures around 58-59 degrees (Celsius) while running Prime95, so under full load. Lower temperatures means longer CPU life, no matter what Intel says. The Noctuas are also very silent fans. You get what you pay for. The stock cooler is fine for most people, but I simply throw it away.