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    Intel HD Graphics 3000 ( video over-zoomed issue.


      I am using ASUS N43SM Notebook, Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RAM 4GB, Intel Core i5-2450M 2.5 GHz, Nvidia GeForce GT630M.


      I had recently updated my Intel HD graphics 3000 driver to version (, however the video display on WMP 12 appeared over-zoomed, so I first disabled the driver and then uninstalled and deleted it via Device Manager in Safe Mode and then reinstalled back, but did not solve the issue.


      I wonder if anyone else are having the same display issue or just me ... Need help and advice.


      Regards and thanks.

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          Hi vjcobra,


          I do not see this type if issue reported when using latest video drivers:



          Does this issue happen with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) drivers?

          Is it the same when using different operating systems?



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            Hi Allan,sample.jpg


            Previous version of HD Graphics 3000 were slightly over-zoomed
            but when I upgraded to version to it worked like charm, all
            videos properly displayed, but the tray icon sometimes display a blank HD
            Graphics 3000 icon. Also the latest avast! 2014.9.0.2011 blocked RST
   delaylauncher as suspicious item since it has no signature, so
            I reinstalled it but failed with fatal error, reverted back to an earlier
            version 12.5.


            To repair the missinbg icon I reinstalled and this is when I
            noticed the video display got rather over-zoomed again.


            Reinstalled Nvidia GeForce GT630M for the benefit of a doubt and no luck.


            Clean installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1, the HD Graphics 3000 still
            persist with rather over-zoomed video display. Other than that, everything
            worked fine.


            By the way, I have never installed OEM driver as I always install drivers
            downloaded from the official Intel Download Center.


            PS. Please refer to attached sample video screenshot.


            Kind regards and waiting further advice.