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    2600GZ based server, bios issues, fan speed


      We are basing an appliance on the intel , which is now 3 seperate components instead of a single sku:R2224GZ4GC, RMS25CB080 & RES2CV360


      the bios that ships with the older R2224GZ4GCSAS sku has an incredibly quiet fan speed it defaults to, which is fine, because our appliance will only have low heat hybrid drives, or ssd's. 


      I have upgraded the bios on one of our test nodes to the latest available for download, which does fix some issues we had with pci bios memory posting errors, however it kicks the fans up to a much louder default speed, and no amount of adjusting settings in the bios is able to fix it.


      what can i do to run the new bios, and maintain the fan setting from the shipped bios.

      I'm concerned that the bios in the R2224GZ4GC will ship upgraded, and I don't want to have to downgrade.