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    Windows 2012 R2 VM crashes with Intel Pro1000 PT Dual


      Hello to the whole community


      I installed an IBM Thinkserver with Windows Server 2012 R2, added the mentioned NIC and getting regular crashes since then on the 2 VMs I created. Both guests are W2012R2 Servers an the NIC is used in external mode. Then I disable the "virtual" external NICs both machines stop crashing.


      The BSOD message says: CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTION with code 0x109.


      There are no drivers available except the ones that come with Server 2012R2. The host machine uses one of the 2 ports and works without crashing - the guests don't. BSOD happens randomly - sometimes after a few hours and sometimes twice within an hour.


      Anyone else experiencing this issue and already has a solution for it ?



      Thanks a lot.