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    Is my plan to increase raid drive sizes and change partition sizes workable?


      I am going to replace the raid drives on my server and wanted to know if my plan will work before I actually attempt it.


      I have a server board S1200BTL using ESRT II with 2 1TB SATA drives configured as Raid 1 in slots 0 and 1.

      The operating system is Windows Server 2008 R2.

      The virtual raid drive is configured with 2 partitions with an operating system partition and a data partition.

      I need to add space to the operating system partition and as the drives have been in use for about 2 years l felt is was probably a good time to replace them.


      The plan I have developed is as follows:

      1. Remove the two existing raid drives (slots 0 and 1) and replace them with new unformatted 2TB drives.

      2. Boot to the ESRT bios configuration and create a new raid 1 configuration.

      3. Shut down the system, install the original slot 0 drive into slot 3.

      4 Insert a bootable DVD with the WD version of Acronis disc Wizard cloning  program and clone the original raid drive (in slot 3) onto the new virtual raid drive. This process includes increasing the sizes of the old partitions.

      5. Shut down the system, remove the slot 3 drive and DVD and reboot into the Windows Operating System.


      Anyone have any thoughts about this working or not?