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    Intel Desktop Board D2700DC and Mini PCI-e Ssd


      On this board there is a mini pci-express slot, I wonder if I can install a mini pci-express ssd (32/64Gb)?

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          Hello Tiagocoelho2, you should be able to install en mini PCI-express SSD on that slot. Just make sure the SSD is a mini PCI-e.

          The following link will show you the list of tested devices on this motherboard.


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            The D2700DC board does not support MSATA drives. In fact, the only NM10 chipset-based Intel(R) Desktop Board that supports MSATA drives is the DN2800MT board.


            On NM10-based Intel(R) Desktop Boards other than DN2800MT, the only way to connect a SATA HDD/SSD via the mini PCIe connector is if you purchase a mini PCIe card that provides its own standalone PCIe SATA controller. If you do an internet search using search string "mini PCI express SATA controller", you will see links to a number of sites that have such boards for sale.


            If you already have a MSATA card that you would like to use with this board, you can purchase a MSATA to SATA adapter that allows this MSATA card to be connected to one of the SATA ports on the board. I searched with string "mini PCIe SATA" to find some of these...