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    Performance has deteriorated dramatically


      I have an almost new HP F0C91PA Laptop with 22GB Intel Rapid storage technology.


      On the 4th of December I ran 25 consecutive compiles which completed in 14mins


      Today the same 25 compiles took 29 mins.


      I thought I noticed the performance degrade after a BIOS upgrade, rolling back the BIOS did not make any difference. I have stopped and restarted 'acceleration' without any noticeable effect. All the 'Intel Rapid Storage Technology' screens show the status as 'normal'. There have been very little software changes on the system between the two dates, just 'general usage'.


      What tools do I have at my disposal to investigate why the performance is nothing like what it was a fortnight ago?


      Are there any statistical tools available? (SSD hits/misses, etc.)


      Are there any known issues?


      How can I fully reset the configuration? (assuming disabling and re-enabling acceleration is not enough)