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    Audio and VC-1 video issues


      I just purchased a NUC D34010WYK to use as a htpc and it has all of the latest drivers. I'm having an issue where i play a Blu-ray movie in xbmc and once i stop the movie the audio doesn't reset.  My receiver just shows DTS-HD and when i play another Bluray movie immediately after there's no audio. Standard def movies have no audio issues even after playing a bluray movie.  After playing a Bluray movie, the nuc will eventually reset itself and bluray movies will have sound again but there shouldn't be a delay between playing to blu-ray movies.  I got the nuc to replace my Lenovo Q180 and the Q180 never had this issue.


      My setup:


      OS: Windows 7 x64 Pro

      Video Driver:

      Intel Display Audio Driver:

      Realtek Audio Driver is disabled

      Receiver: Arcam AVR360

      TV: Samsung LED TV



      The VC-1 issue i'm having is the video looks pixellated when DVXA2 is enabled in XBMC video prefs.   If i disable it the video looks the way it should but i get choppy playback. 


      Has anyone experienced any of these issues with their setups?