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    dg43gt dont boot windows 7 after final installation step


      My dg43gt dont boot windows 7 after installation. Boot from CD is working fine. The installation starts and the System makes a reboot, finalize the installation works also fine. Windows key is accepted. It starts only this Time from Harddisk! 

      After next reboot, Bios initialization is fine, try to boot , nothing happened, just a blinking Cursor.


      I tried a SATA SSD, IDE Harddisk, nothing works with Windows 7. Every time same effect.

      I tried the Harddisks and Windows 7 CD with other Mainboards, it works. System is booting.


      Then i tested different OS with the dg43gt - Ubuntu Linux, no Problem. DOS, no Problem. Windows XP, no Problem. Tested again Windows 7 , no boot after final Installation Step.


      Any suggestions ??