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    Intel Storage Driver Update Gone Bad -- Unable to Boot, BSOD



      I was having issues with my external hard drive today and the event logs said something about the storage controller having a read error so I decided to try to update the storage drivers. I believe I had version 8.x and I downloaded the newest version from Intel's site, 12.x. I installed the software, and my system hung at "Starting Windows." I reverted to the last known good configuration, and I was back up and running. I decided to delete the existing drivers (8.x), restarted the computer, it automatically installed the 12.x drivers, and asked me to restart my computer, which I did. After this, my computer still hangs and I can't restore the last known good configuration.


      Things I've tried:

      - Trying to manually delete iaStore*.sys from system32\drivers

      - Running Startup Repair

      - Running System Restore (Apparently I don't have a restore point...)


      I'm getting a BSOD when I try to boot into Windows now, but I can't see what it is.


      I believe there may be a conflict of driver versions at this point. I'd like to manually remove all the Intel SATA drivers, if possible; however, I've been



      Any thoughts?