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    CapsuleApp.efi in 0.8.0 BSP - wrong version?


      Hello everyone,


      It looks like the CapsuleApp.efi available for download on the 0.8.0 BSP page has wrong version.


      The BSP building guide (p. 13) says I must use version at least 1.1 and instructs me to check the version with "-?" or "-h" switch.


      But what I see is:


      1) "-?" and "-h" switches don't provide version, only the below:

      fs0:\fw> .\CapsuleApp.efi -?

      CapsuleApp:  usage

        CapsuleApp [capsule filename]

      2) "-v" switch gives me the version, but it's actually 1.02, which is lower than 1.1:

      fs0:\fw> .\CapsuleApp.efi -v

      CapsuleApp Version 1.02


      The download page with all BSP components I use is https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=23197


      Could someone in-the-know please tell me if that's a BSP guide typo, or an incorrect CapsuleApp.efi file posted?


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