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    built a new DX58SO computer, not getting video & odd power problems.


      Bought a new core i7 920 and a DX58SO, EVGA GTS250, Corsair XT750 PSU, Kingston 3x2GB DDR3, Seagate 1TB Barracuda SATA drive, and a Samsung Sata DVD drive.


      Which cables do I need to connect?  Do I connect both aux power cables?  I got the main power connector, and the 8pin power cable.  Got the switch from the front, and the reset switch.  The Sata drives are connected and have power.


      I'm new to SATA.  Are there more jumper pins?  There are a lot of unused empty pins on the board next to where the power sw and reset sw connect.


      What else?


      It will power up for 8 seconds, then power itself down, then power up again and runs until I turn it off.  No beeps, and no video.  Monitor doesn't do anything.  (Worked previously)


      I have an oem copy of Vista in the DVD tray, and it sounds like it spins, but I hear no other noises.