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    Drivers for Intel Core 2 Quad CPU


      I recently installed windows 8.1 64 bits on my desktop and I probably still need to install the drivers for my CPU. However, these turned out to be hard to find. There are several programs that claim to be able to find the drivers (some provided by Intel self), but they don't seem to do the trick.


      I recently had contact with chat support and they advised my to install the drivers for my motherboard, which I did. It did help, but the processor performance still lacks in comparison with before I updated my PC.


      My motherboard is a MSI MS-7346. It should be compatible with the Intel Core 2 Quad CPU (they have been working together smoothly for 4 to 5 years now).


      So my question is as simple as it can get:

      "where can I find the correct drivers for my CPU?"


      If possible with a link to where I can download them!


      Thank you in advance!