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    Remove a Disk from Raid 5 Array (using RST)


      Hi guys,


      I'm currently using RST to manage a raid array i am setting up, I didn't have 3 spare disks the same size when i started so i used 2 3TB disk and 1 500GB drive to initialize the raid 5 array so i could copy data off another larger disk and then i could add that disk to the array later. That worked ok, I copied the data off the 1TB drive to the raid volume and then added the 4th disk to the array. Now i want to remove the 500GB disk and expand it so that i can do the same thing with another 2TB disk i want to add to the array.


      I've unplugged the 500GB disk and its showing the array as Degraded and the disk as missing but i can't see how i can remove this disk completely from the array?