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    Smart Response SSD Cache on Gen 1 i7


      I have an i7 860 processor, which I believe is first generation. My HP e9270f PC came with RST but I'm wondering can I implement an SSD with RST/Smart Response? An article I read leads me to believe I needed a Gen-2 i5 or i7 processor


      How to Set Up Intel Smart Response SSD Caching Technology | PCWorld


      I installed the latest RST software and my PC promptly wouldn't startup. After reverting to "Last Good Hardware", I got my Win 7 box going again.


      Is there a published compatibility guide?

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          This is all chipset related software or features, so it depends on the chipset model. Intel® Smart Response Technology is supported in Intel® Z68 Chipsets or newer.


          Based on the Intel® processor model I know you have an Intel® 5 Series Chipset, so I know it does not support the acceleration feature but in regards of Intel® Rapid Storage Technology the compatibility may vary between PCH and ICH10R. I am inclined to suggest, based on your result with latest version, to use version 9.6 or the latest provided by your system manufacturer.