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    DP45SG Horizontal lines

      Hi everyone. I need help trying solve a problem with blue horizontal lines when the system is turned on from cold. When powered on the Intel logo appears with the horrible lines, but when the progress bar for loading windows appears all the lines are gone, and windows will not load, just a black screen. This problem is a pain and i can't find any information about this error. The only way i can get the system to boot is by force-restarting the system, and repeat the process until the lines are gone - The computer will only load windows if the lines are not visible. When windows is loaded the system is amazing with no problems. The system is never turned off now because of the cold boot error. The system is new built by me and only a month old. The system restarts fine with no errors, and i have tried three different BIOS updates.



      Quad core 2.4

      4GB RAM Corsair: Dual Channel

      XI-FI Extreme Music Sound card



      The system is not overclocked.

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          Hi there,


          To me this is a really weird behaviour of the system.


          Can you try clearing the cmos by removing the motherboard battery and put it back after about 30 minutes. After the clear cmos, power on the system and go to bios and load default settings, save and exit.


          If the issue remains, please try to using 1 memory module and remove the sound XIFI sound card and see if it makes any difference.

          Please remember to connect the graphics card only on the PCI express port which is nearest to the Chipset heatsink.


          If problem remains, can you try with different graphics card and memory, just to make sure they are not the ones causing the issue.


          Which bios version are you using and which bios update method are you using? If you have not done it yet, please can you try with the recovery method?


          Let us know how it goes.


          Hope this will be helpful to you.