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    Upgrading from XP to W8.1 for PRO Network Connections 8256V-2 10/100?


      I am thinking of Upgrading my old Dell Vostro 200 from XP to W8.1 using a clean install on a new SSD.  The only significant issue that the Microsoft Windows Upgrade Assistant shows up is that for my Intel(R) PRO Network Connections 8256V-2 10/100 I need to "go to the Intel website".  I have searched there without finding anything relevant (except for one about "8256*" that might have been, but led to a broken link).

      I am a database application developer so know little about these internal things, and I presume this is about Ethernet connectivity.  Do you have any comments about whether this issue is significant, whether I can get a suitable driver for it, or etc.

      Thanks for any help you are able to give.