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    no VT-x support on Xeon X5460?




      I'm trying to use virtualization (using either HyperV, VMware or VirtualBox) on our server but it seems that the system doesn't support VT-x. The installation/execution of any VM application fails because "my system doesn't support virtualization".


      In order to troubleshoot this, I've also checked the CPU capabilites using CPU-z (or simply cat /proc/cpuinfo in Linux) and there's no evidence of VT-x support.


      Of course, the relevant option in the BIOS of my mainboard (Tyan S5383 / Intel 5000 chipset) is enabled and I'm also quite sure the processors should support this feature, shouldn't they? I'm talking about two Xeon X5460.


      I've also checked the MSR 0x3a and it contains 0 ... so VT-x isn't locked by the BIOS. Chaning this value to 4 (setting Bit 2) doesn't do anything (but the register remains changed until the next power cycle).


      Tyan doesn't offer any BIOS updated because the mainboard is already EOL.


      Is there anything I could try to "force" VT-x detection?