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    SCS Add-on for MS SCCM 2012 - user account settings


      Hello, I am attempting to install the SCS add-on for SCCM 2012 and see a configuration setting in the setup that I do not understand.  My question is related to the dialog box that asks for "User Account Settings".  According the documentation it says this is for specifying a different user account for running the SCS packages through SCCM other than "the SCCM client".  What does this mean?


      The SCCM client by default runs packages under the local SYSTEM account when I runs a package on a client.  Can I just leave this "User Account Settings" dialog box blank and not specify a "different user account"?  It kind of implies this is an optional setting.  If I do leave it blank and just use the default, are there any configuration settings I need to do to account for this?  There is a chart in the documentation that specifies the permissions that are needed for the account that runs the packages, such as permissions to the ADOU and Intel_RCS/Intel_RCS_Editor namespaces.  How do I (or do I need to) setup these permissions when the packages runs on a client as the local SYSTEM account.