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    Intel Galileo board used as a UAV controller (POC)


      Good day!


      I like to start off this discussion for the Galileo board used as a UAV controller as Proof Of Concept. I'm a latent R/C hobbyist and I am fairly new to the world of Arduino. I have read a lot of interesting applications about it especially on Ardupilot. This piqued my interest in returning to the hobby and at the same time to try my luck in using this new platform in either quadrotors or traditional helicopters.


      I've been waiting for this board to reach Malaysia but so far all the online sites have it as pre-order. Can somebody point me to the right person who might be willing to loan or purchase a board directly?


      I also need some of your thoughts on how this would work out. Arduino is fairly a 16MHz microcontroller with sufficient I/O and it does the job. Same goes for the Beaglebone Black, Cortex A8 at 1GHz. I think it is doable and putting in an IMU shield to the Galileo might do the job. I like also to try to code this in UEFI as one of my goals.