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    Question on relative latency between the D54250WYK miniDP and miniHDMI output signals


      For multimedia use, I will want a separate analog audio feed to a Hi-Fi sound system for when listening to music, or the soundtrack of films.


      I appreciate the small size of the NUC box makes it difficult to fit robust RCA L/R sockets for audio-out, but 3.5mm sockets are notoriously unreliable and get worse over a relatively short time due to their poor design.   From the photos, there does not appear to be a header to take off the stereo audio prior to the 3.5mm socket, so I was thinking the only reliable solution is to decode the audio from the miniDP or miniHDMI singals.   As normally, I would use a miniHDMI to HDMI cable to the monitor, and HDMI pass-through adapters with analog audio extraction seem to be scarce and expensive, I was thinking to buy a much cheaper 'miniDP to VGA with Audio' adapter, but wondered what the latency is between the DP and HDMI signals, as if significant it could result in 'lipsync' problems


      Also, as for first few weeks I will have access to only a pair of old VGA monitors (high spec Iyama & Dell), I will need to use a miniHDMI to VGA adapter for the video.  Just in case it matters, as I have not seen it mentioned in reviews etc, when in boot/BIOS display mode prior to installation of the OS, can you advise, for both miniDP and miniHDMI outputs, what the video signal scan standard is prior to installation of the OS video drivers ?


      Lastly, do all 4 USB3 sockets treat wired keyboards and mice the same ?