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    D54250WYK Shutdown Reboots


      When shutting down my NUC it causes a reboot when it should halt.


      It appears to be an issue in both Linux and Windows and thus needs to be fixed in BIOS.


      See Kelvins post in -> https://communities.intel.com/message/215425#215425


      See tpalms post in -> https://communities.intel.com/message/213938


      It does'nt seem to matter if you use the power button, remote control or keyboard to shutdown the device.


      Tested on Intel Nuc D54250WYK with Bios Version 0022 and OpenELEC 3.2.4.

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          Hello EmilR, it looks like we are already working on this situation, however would you please let me know if the NUC was working fine with BIOS version 0021?


          Could you please remove the wireless card and check if the behavior persists?


          Then try removing the keyboard and mouse.  Let me have the results.



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            Gentoo linux on D54250WYK - same issue, bios:

            D54250WYK, BIOS WYLPT10H.86A.0018.2013.0918.2135 09/18/2013


            Was this issue resolved?

            Bios revision notes do not mention this problem.

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              I bought the latest D34010WYKH model and upgraded the BIOS to latest  version 23 as on date with Openelec 3.2.4 x64 Intel version. I am facing the reboot issue. When we shutdown the system from Openelec the system shutdowns waits for couple of seconds and reboots. However the system shuts down without a reboot in the first occurance after a power cycle. I tested this by removing the power cable from the unit, reconnect the cable and then shutdown the system.

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                Would you please test the system in a Windows environment. We haven't tested it in Linux