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    Problem with Intel Graphics HD 4000 and external Blu-Ray player


      I have a Lenovo Ideapad Yoga running Windows 8.1 that I am attempting to hook up an LG Slim Portable Blu-Ray Multi Drive (Model CP40NG10).  I have installed the CyberLink software that came with the drive and can burn CDs and view regular DVDs but I cannot view Blu-Rays.  When I run CyberLink Blu-ray Disk Advisor all items pass except Graphics Card Driver which shows as version  I have checked the Intel Downloads site and it appears that this is the latest driver.  I have searched the message boards and found others who have had similar issues with the same and different external Blu-ray drives and different PCs and, while some have found solutions, I have not been able to apply any of these solutions to my problem and get resolution.


      Can someone confirm if a Lenovo Ideapad Yoga running Windows 8.1 with an Intel Core i7-3537U CPU @2 GHz with Intel HD Graphics 4000 running driver should support playing Blu-ray discs on an LG CP40NG10 Portable Blu-Ray Multi Drive?  Everything I have been able to validate suggests it should work but maybe I am missing something or am greatly confused.


      Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.