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    Bent 775 pin....but PC seems OK?


      Hi all. as I took off my Q6600 to have it replaced, I noticed one pin in the 775 socket is out of place. I tried to straighten it as best I could and then installed my new Q9450 in. I was 99% sure it won't boot but miraculously it did, loaded Windows, and passed 7 hours of stress testing with no instability or temperature problem (except for seemingly stuck sensors on the CPU itself).


      Now, am I lucky that the pin that is bent is making the right contact with the CPU or am I somehow lucky? Will one non-contacting pin always mean the CPU won't work? Can anyone please enlighten me? I hope an Intel platform technician can help me out here.

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          I've seen boards work fine with a bent pin and also with a pin not there at all. You are lucky thats for sure, whether because it is making enough contact or not I don't know. It maybe that at some point you will  start having problems because of it, but if at the moment it is working hey ho, don't worry about it and enjoy!