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    HTPC keeps losing its Intel display driver


      I have the following system which I use as a HTPC running XBMC


      HTPC system:

      Intel Core i5-4670T(2.30GHz) HD4600 graphics

      ASRock Z87E-ITX motherboard

      8Gb RAM

      250Gb SSD

      Windows 8.1


      I have the Intel display graphics driver installed (latest version) and HDMI is set as the default output. This works fine when the HTPC system is connected to the AV amp.    However, if I ever turn on the HTPC without an active HDMI connection to the amp or access it via Remote Desktop, the display driver gets lost.  It stays ‘uninstalled’ even when the full system is reconnected (and XBMC fails to load).  Reinstalling the graphic diver appears to be the only cure


      I would like to manage the system by Remote Desktop occasionally, so is there any way I can stop this happening?


      Thanks for any input.