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    CPU integrated graphics performance problem WES7


      I'm using DirectX to render a marquee in a .net program, but are experiencing very chubby playback on systems where its based on an Intel CPU with HD Graphics integrated.


      Been testing on different systems where the most obvious difference is the OS, so to dig in further, I build 2 identical system hardware-wise.

      One with Windows 7 Embedded standard (WES7) and one with Windows 7 Home Premium. (WIN7)


      Behold, the WIN7 system displays what it should with no stutter and the WES7 simply performs poorly when running my software.


      Both got the Intel Graphics control panel where the system correctly identifies the chip as HD Graphics 4000 (i3-3225)


      Dxdiag states that both got DirectX 11 installed. (My program only using DirectX9 features though)


      From .net the WES7 system does throw an HwNotRecoqnizedException, and I suspect it will revert to software rendering.


      Any direction on this issue is greatly appreciated.

      • Driver
      • Missing Windows Embedded packages/ features
      • .Net related...

      or something completely different...... really don't know where to look now.