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    Intel i7-3770- Overheated


      Recently I've bought my rig

      Intel i7-3770 with mobo-Intel DZ77SL50k, 4GB 1600 Ram, GT640 2gb, Corsair VS650 PSU, 1TB HDD...

      I assembled my rig.. it started on red light show from motherboard just above CPU. showing temp of 104'C. I re-seated cooler now it's fine. the thing is I wanted to know, will over-heating will cause any trouble for future or will it perform like normal?

      And, Intel Processor Diagnostic tool is not running, nor it's config windows shows anymore.

      How should I check whether my processor is working fine or it took any damage?

      Thanks in advance.

      Driver(s), window is up-to-date

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          Hi RahulTT,

          The problem is determined how much did your processor run while exceeded maximum temperature?

          This might have damaged the processor since the processor was designed to work at 67.4°C.

          At this stage the only way to test the processor would be dropping another processor on your board. If you do not have a spare processor, you may think calling Intel warranty service for replacement options.


          You can get a hold of Intel support through this link: www.intel.com/chat



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            Thanks Allan, I'll be calling Intel Support shortly. My processor, on 104'C temp ran for like 10 to 15 mins max. And it's working fine now, I guess. But I'll call Intel support any ways.