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    RAID-5 - Array - Volume missing


      Hi Folks,


      I had bought an Intel SSD to load windows faster, with the special software, for Intel SSD's.
      Before I had the drive connected, I has disconnect my RAID 5 system (because my power supply have not enough of power, but it works already for one year). I connect the new SSD to my system, and Install the software and my system works great and faster, except with my RAID-5, which is not connected.


      On a day, I need some documents, which were stored on my RAID-5 system. I connect my RAID-5 to my computer and I was shocked.


      Because I see only the first partition and one array and volume. But where is my second array (if I can remember, that I configured 2 arrays) and where is my second volume with two partitions?


      How can I get them back?

      RST says only that I can create a new one, but I want my data / photo's back and not to loose them.


      Any help will be very appreciated.

      Additional info.

      Mainboard dz68bc bios 0028
      Windows 7 Ultimate x64

      I am running the latest RST/drivers._dzb